Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Haters Without Borders

Wonder what's happened to longtime Jew-hater Salman Hossain now that he's no longer living within our borders? Has his recent decampment to parts unknown (supposedly, back to his native Bangladesh--supposedly) had any effect at all on his spewage of sewage?

Take a wild guess.

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hamsters said...

Blaming the victim gentiles for being angry at J-wish terrorists, and the billionaire Kikes like the Bronfmans who are behind the destruction of our free speech, as they fund the Green Party and sit on Suzuki's foundation?

One would think the smart J-w would join in exposing the murderous monster Kikes, lest they be implicated in the terrorism themselves.

So, if it does turn out that Zionists were behind the WTC destruction, is that OK by you?

Isr-el Uber Alles, the end justifies the means.