Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Imagine There's No Jewry/It's Easy If You Try

Melanie Phillips casts a baleful glance at a disgusting phenomenon--the way the left-wing media and others have expunged Jews from early history in what amounts to a wholesale virtual Holocaust (a prelude to the real thing unleashed by Iran?):
In the Guardian, Giles Tremlett writes about Europe’s first Christian theme park in Mallorca. He writes:
Exact details are scant, but the Buenos Aires park offers its re-enactments of the creation of mankind, the birth of Christ, the resurrection and the last supper eight times a day. With a cast of extras in the costumes of Romans and early Palestinians, the park advertises itself as ‘a place where everyone can learn about the origins of spirituality.
 ‘Early Palestinians’, eh? And just who were these ‘early Palestinians’? Well, they were what we would otherwise call... Jews. Jesus was a Jew. The ‘last supper’ was the Jewish Passover seder. The land of the New Testament was called Judea and Samaria. The people who lived there and were persecuted by the Romans were not called Palestinians. They were Jews.

Yet Jews do not figure at all in Tremlett’s story (whether they figure as such in Mallorca’s theme park itself is not clear). This is not some idle mistake. This is the wholesale adoption of the fictional Arab narrative which airbrushes the Jews out of their own story and claims, falsely, that Jesus was a Palestinian.
Well, the Koran does say he's Muslim.

Update: Intrepid photog LG&F uncovers more dubious revisionism. (As a bonus, here's Kathy's droll caption.)


Josephine said...

Thanks for the link, Scaramouche, and for bringing this article to our attention.

scaramouche said...

My pleasure, Josephine. Thanks for the photo.