Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little People, Little Problems

"What a country!," said an Israeli I know. This gentleman, who lives in Israel with his wife and kids, summers every year in Ontario cottage country with his family and Canadian-born wife. He was referring to Canada, a country that has spent the season just past in collective freak out mode, ginned up by the likes of the Globe and Mail and the Ceeb, over what? Over this: the government nixing a compulsory census.

"The long form, the short form, the statistician quit," he continued. "And people are so angry about it. All summer that's all I heard--the long form, the short form, this one's upset, that one's upset...If only Israel had such problems."

As my late Bubby would have said, "Halevai." In fact, that and not the some cockamamie Obama-imposed "last chance" "peace" scheme, is my greatest wish for Israel--that its worst problems should be Canadian ones and involve, say, an entire nation all fired up over the ramifications of a bureaucratic nicety.

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