Friday, September 3, 2010

Rest In Pieces

Rich Trzupek writes re the latest "peace" parlay:
These are supposed to be “peace talks,” but history tells us that any discussion between Israel and those representing Palestinian interests are better characterized as “piece talks,” since the objective always seems to be taking away another part of Israel. Having given away the Sinai peninsula and the Gaza strip, as well as effectively ceding control of the West Bank to Fatah, Israel is no nearer to mollifying its enemies than ever. And what does Israel have to show for its sacrifices? A very tenuous relationship with Egypt and Jordan and not much else.
Yet, once again, international pressure has been used to force the sovereign state of Israel back to a bargaining table where it is supposed to agree to even more concessions. This is a death by a thousand cuts, which will serve Israel’s enemies just as well as anything that murderous fanatics like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can come up with to eliminate the state they loathe. It is hard to envision a true, lasting peace in the Middle East given the ideological divide that separates Judaism and Islam.
Actually, it's quite easy to envision a lasting peace there. It's the "peace" that Israel's Muslim enemies have always envisioned. The "peace" that will come to pass once Israel has been rubbed out and Islam reigns in its place. The "peace" contemplated for us all when the whole world submits and Islam prevails.

Islam's "peace".

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