Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, They Don't Call 'Em 'Useful Idiots' for Nothing

Phyllis Chesler pillories a mush-brained Chicago university professor who wants women to show solidarity with hijab-wearers (as she does). Chesler comments:
I am sorry, I do not want to sound mean or bitter when I am actually disheartened, alarmed, by such liberal western support for clothing which is a visual symbol of women’s subordination—to men, not to God; which is not a religious requirement; which so many feminists in the Islamic world have opposed; which so many contemporary Arab and Muslim states have also opposed in its more extreme form (the niqab, the burqa) for security reasons.

When I see women in the West wearing hijab today, I understand it is also a very political statement, sometimes a jihadic statement, a misguided return to seventh century “roots,” and sometimes, a response to what the Muslim girl or woman has been told about Western “Islamophobia.”

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sanwin said...

Maybe she could start by getting a good old muslim clitoral removal.

That would show real solidarity.