Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas...

Oh, sorry. I was just reading some of the "frequently asked questions" compiled by the Zion-loathers of the Fast Boat to Gaza gang, and, go figure, the above named kept popping into my head. Here--see if you have the same experience:
Q: What do you hope to achieve through the Canadian Boat to Gaza?  
A: We aim to challenge illegal Israeli actions in the spirit of promoting justice, prosperity, social responsibility and the right of free movement for all peoples. Our hope is to also bring attention to the suffering of the besieged people of Gaza.
Filling in the blanks: justice, prosperity, social responsibilty and the right of free movement (all absent because of Hamas). People suffering and beseigned in Gaza (because of Hamas). Bringing attention to Gaza (but not to Hamas). Freedom, democracy, human rights (all on display in Israel, none on display in Gaza because of Hamas).

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BeeSting said...

I enjoy your articles, love the way you get to the point and am sharing this one on my blog .. :)

Also, I don't think I have told you, but your poems are delightful!