Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Diana West Asks the Difficult Questions...

...because no one in the Obama administration (which is getting set to withdraw some few thousand American troops from Afghanistan--mere window dressing, says West, given that 68,000 will remain) seems willing to. The questions are as follows:
Is Western-style nation-building in the Islamic Umma in any way a practical policy?
Are basic American concepts of governance compatible in any way with a culture based in religious and sexual supremacism?
Should Americans be dying for people who, for example, practice child marriage? Pederasty? To whom women are chattel? To whom corruption is as much a part of their lives as air? Whose allegiances, whose belief system, whose natural reflexes default, in the end, in ways subtle and not subtle, to the ways of jihad against infidels?
No, no, and no, no?

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