Monday, August 8, 2011

A Growth Industry That Produces Nada But Grief

Ever wonder why it is that every year the "human rights" industry seems to grow e'er larger and more annoying? Well, for one thing, there are mega-bucks involved, and that's always a big incentive. For another, we are "blessed" with outfits such as our very own Ontario Human Rights Commission that go out of their way to extend the "human rights" ambit. (To paraphrase the poet: A "human rights" racket's reach should exceed its grasp, or what's a control freak for?) Here, for example, is the OHRC's latest communique explaining how businesses can find the "human rights" consultant that's right for them. Really, though, it's an advertisement for an industry that's become a blight on, well, industry.
Finding the right human rights consultant
Finding the right consultant to help you develop human rights policies, get training or investigate or resolve disputes is a good investment. A good consultant can help you build a diverse and inclusive workplace, avoid legal expenses and reach diverse markets with your products or services...
What services are available?
Human rights consulting services are delivered by diverse categories of vendors. For instance, many employment law firms offer regular training on basic and emerging human rights principles and practices. Many organizations and private consultants offer services ranging from training to policy development and human rights investigations to conflict resolution (mediation) services. Remember that some competent private consultants do not have a website, so consult with your colleagues through human resources or legal networks to find someone who may have the skills that you need...
What a colossal waste of time and money! In these dire economic times, can we really afford such wasteful fripperies, ones which fill the coffers of this silly industry even as they drain income from businesses that actually produce things that make the economy grow?

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