Monday, August 8, 2011

This One's For You, Mark

Well, it's finally here--the day when Mark Steyn's new book, After America, drops (as they say in the book biz). I can't wait to get to my copy, and will review it apr├Ęs read. In the meantime--and before Armageddon arrives--let's sing:

When you vote in
A really boneheaded POTUS things'll always blow:
When "hope 'n' change" becomes
A clear-cut derangement
There's no help, you know:
Just listen to the musings of the "experts"
Who "explain" it.
Linger on the fallout of the Washington arrangement.
How can you win?
The debt is much higher now.
You can forget a bright future; forget it and how and go
Your equity is shot.
Ain't likin' it a lot.
America is fraught now.

Don't be a dhimmi because it's a no-winner
And don't ever be
Ground down.
Accept mosqueterias and there's plenty to fear
'Cause you'll forever be
Ground down.
Just listen to the hissin' of Islamists and jihadis.
They are sure Islam'll rule
And you will do as they please.
How can they win?
They'll claim you're "Islamophobe,"
Demand a "human rights" body unleash a new probe.
You'll be ground down;
Won't raise a peep no more.
Ground down;
Go back to sleep encore.
Ground down,
"Diversity" is the score...


Carlos Perera said...

Petula Clark is one of my favorite female vocalists. Did you know she can sing in French nearly as well as in English? A video can be found on YouTube of her singing, sometime in the early 1970s, "C'est si bon" in a duet with the great French pop _chanteuse_, Mireille Mathieu.

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