Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" From Bernie

Bernie Farber, who recently tried to use his dead sister-in-law for political gain (an effort that blew up in his face), is accusing his opponent of trying to use a murder in a local park for, er, political gain:
“This is not the time to play the politics of fear,” Mr. Farber said, adding trends are typically meaningful if examined in at least five-year intervals. “I live on a street where we do feel safe.”
Meanwhile, candidates for both parties had little to add about concrete commitments for changing public safety policy immediately after their parties form the government. Candidates on both sides said they would continue to work with police leaders.
The Tories, who have a section devoted to criminal justice issues in their platform, would also work to raise awareness and release funds from the victims of crime fund surplus, which the Progressive Conservatives say is estimated at more than $30 million, according to Mr. Wassef.
The park in which the news conference was held is not far from the scene of a last week’s domestic homicide on Cottonwood Court.
The park was chosen to demonstrate being in a community where children play, people live and sleep and where people could do ill, [Tory M.P.P. Peter] Shurman said.
And, the homicide last week had nothing to do with the choice of venue, he said.
“This was picked several weeks ago,” Mr. Shurman said.
However, Mr. Farber wasn’t impressed with the location, accusing the Tories of “politicizing a really sad event” and “terrible crime”.
This from a man who, in his previous guise, had conniptions when a scary swastika was seen scrawled in a public loo. I guess he thinks "playing the politics of fear" and "politicizing a really sad event" are A-OK as long as he's the one doing it.

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