Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bodacious Airhead in an Oily Emirate

Today's question: can the Kardashians "keep up" with Dubai?
“Just touched down in Dubai! I’m so happy to be here!” tweeted Kim Kardashian on Wednesday morning.

Yes, she’s finally here.

The reality star landed in Dubai on an Emirates flight from New York, tweeting of the flight, “Serious Sex & The City swag going on, on this airplane to Dubai! The best plane I’ve ever been on!!! Dubai are u ready???”.

She was quickly whisked through the VIP area of Dubai International Airport and headed straight to her hotel, Atlantis, which she had specifically requested for her visit.
She’ll spend the day there on Wednesday, going to the spa and having lunch in a VIP cabana at Nasimi, where she will feast on Mediterranean and Asian food.

She’ll then head to Dolphin Bay and finish with an evening camel ride, reveal our sources. Her mother Kris is expected to arrive shortly, having come in on a separate flight.

tabloid! has some of the first pictures of her arrival at the Palm-based hotel, which she describes as “insane”. “Wow I’m in such awe over Dubai! My hotel is so, insane, can’t wait to do some blogs & show u guys! Too much to tweet! I’m obsessed with Dubai!,” she tweeted. 
 And Dubai is obsessed with her!:
Rumour has it there are more than 50 Dubai businesses vying for Kardashian's attention with requests to place gifts in her hotel suite. Kitsch cupcakes have created a "Welcome to Dubai" cupcake especially for Kardashian, while the master baker at the store is also hard at work finishing a giant cake in the shape of the Burj Khalifa. Emirati abaya designer Hind Al Mutawa, of Nabrman Fashion and Designs, has whipped up two local dresses for both Kardashian and her mum. Hind is hoping the ladies will don her creations and embrace the local culture of the UAE.
Here's what UAE culture dictates that local lovelies wear; it ain't exactly Vera Wang.

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