Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Song for the Looming Civilizational Abyss

On the Dennis Miller Show yesterday, Mark Steyn mentioned that his way of enduring the civilizational slide is by listening to lots of spritely show tunes.

Hey, me too, Mark.

Steyn mentioned one of his favorite numbers--"Once in Love With Amy," from one of Frank Loesser's lesser musicals--so I thought I'd put the old Scaramouche/After America stamp on it. (I happen have a soft spot for the song as well, not the least because in his youth my late father-in-law, a lovely man, bore a striking resemblance to Ray Bolger, the hoofer who made Amy famous). Imagine that it's being sung by someone--Chris "Tingly Leg" Matthews, say--who is still swooning for Obama after all these years:

Once in love with Barry,
Always in love with Barry.
Ever and ever captivated by him.
Really ought to try him again.

Once you swoon for Barry,
Over the moon for Barry.
Comment to others, "Isn't he so clever?
Ev'ry O endeavour is the best!"

He may be awf'ly smug and narcissistic,
Makes some go ballistic.
He loves to blither on and kiss some arses
And just blow smoke.

But once in love with Barry,
Always in love with Barry.
Ever and ever sets your leg a-tingle,
Makes you sing a jingle--one or two.
That Barry is the man for me and you!

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