Monday, October 17, 2011

More Proof (As If It's Needed) That Canny Islamists Are Using "Our Common Patriarch, Abe" Purely For Da'wa Purposes

Pass the tasty samosas, dhimmi, and feast on our "commonality" (even though last time I checked neither Jews nor Christians believed in anything remotely like jihad):
CAIRO – Bringing followers of different faiths together, Muslims in the US state of Pennsylvania have invited Jews and Christians to know more about Islam and highlight commonalities between the three religions.

"Abraham had two sons," Lee Phillips, a member of the Zubaida Foundation, told the Philly Burbs local newspaper.

"One line became the Jews and Christians. The other line, the Muslims."

Muslims invited Jews and Christians to a mosque in Lower Makefield in Pennsylvania on Sunday to discuss commonalities between Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Muslim speakers also explained their Islamic teachings to their Christian and Jewish guests...
During the event, Phillips recalled his conversion from Christianity to Islam.
Becoming a Muslim eight years ago, Phillips found no major change in her life since she sees no big differences between Islam and Christianity.
"They match perfectly," Phillips said of the two religions.
"Islam teaches to do good work, pray often, keep God in mind no matter what you're doing, and want for your brother before and what you'd like for yourself.
“My life has been enriched. I have more peace," she said...
Of course you do. And how did Abe's other branch respond to its lessons? As per the Islamists' plans
The move to explain the Islamic faith won plaudits from Christian and Jewish attendees.
"It's important that Christians, Jews, and Islam work together, be good neighbors and understand each other better," said Joe Martin, a member of the Emilie United Methodist Church in Bristol Township.
"There's so much misunderstanding on religion lines. ... Muslims are so misunderstood."
Larry Snider, president of the Interfaith Community for Middle East Peace, also welcomed the Muslim move.
Snider said he plans to invite more activities to bring followers of different religions together at his synagogue.                               
Thereby enabling his congregants to lapse further into utter, clueless dhimmitude with every "interfaith" event attended and every tasty samosa consumed.

Update: The Abraham flim-flam is also part of the agenda to "end the occupation" of Israel by the Jewish people, and gushing Larry's Interfaith Community for Middle East Peace is number 51 on the long list of outfits that have joined together for that express purpose.

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