Saturday, October 1, 2011

Re Thornhill Voters Falling For "Wellrespected" Farber, Barnum Said it Best

The National Post is predicting a possible election victory for former Official Jew-in-Chief Bernie Farber:
Thornhill could easily turn red as Liberal Bernie Farber, pictured, faces off with incumbent Progressive Conservative Peter Shurman. Mr. Farber, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, is a prominent figure in the Jewish community and one of its most outspoken advocates, something that would play well among Thornhill's large Jewish population. Mr. Shurman won a tight contest against Liberal incumbent Mario Racco in the last provincial election, likely bolstered by the otherwise widely rejected Tory policy on religious schools, [York U. political scientist Robert] Drummond said. Federally, the riding is solidly Conservative, but this contest could turn on personality as much as party. "I think the Liberals have a shot," Mr. Drummond said. "[Mr. Farber] is very well-known in the Jewish community and generally wellrespected."
 Cue the Barnum:

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