Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Impediment to Saudi Acceptance of the "New Media"--Facebook Not Mentioned in the Koran

From Arab News:
Prince Muhammad [author of a book on how Wahhabis have dealt with new media] quotes the views of scholars and experts to explain the reasons for people to resist technological inventions. People may not be ready to accommodate such devices, they said. Most inventions came from non-Islamic countries, and some Muslims were suspicious of their intent and benefits. The new inventions have not been mentioned in divine books of either Muslims or Christians or Jews, which was another potential reason for refusal.
Doesn't that also exclude, say, the telephone and the incandescent light bulb? Not to mention XBOX. (Also--don't they believe the Christians and Jews purposely expunged all the stuff about Islam's founder from their holy texts? Given that, couldn't they--we--have also edited out Google and Twitter?)

Not mentioned in the Koran

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