Saturday, April 14, 2012

NK Channels Disappointment Over Missile Fizzle into Compulsory "Kim Love"

They just loooove their fat boy:
SEOUL — One day after the humiliation of a failed satellite launch, a showpiece of might breaking apart and dropping into the sea, North Korea got along with the usual agenda of extolling its leadership.
More than 50,000 on Saturday packed Kim Il Sung Stadium, in the capital Pyongyang, and olive-uniformed soldiers cheered the authoritarian country’s new supreme leader.
North Korea fired a long-range rocket Friday, South Korean and U.S. officials said, defying international warnings against moving forward with a launch widely seen as a provocation. However, the launch may have failed, U.S. officials said.
“Kim Jong Eun! Kim Jong Eun!” they shouted, according to accounts from journalists in Pyongyang. “Safeguard him ‘til death!”
The rhetoric was both celebratory and typical, a snap back to the norm as authorities in Pyongyang carried on with their most important event in decades — a weekend designed to both mark the centenary of founder Kim Il Sung’s birth and to finalize the rise of his grandson...
Well, the new Kim is loads cuddlier than his dad.
Scary to think "Cuddles" has his finger on the nuclear blast off button

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