Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Khomeinists: SpellCheck Much?

Dear Brother and sisters,
Please subscribe to Face book page for Toronto Al-Quds day event, invite others and come out on Saturday August 18, 2012 at 2:00PM Queens Park Toronto to stop the Zionist thugs, oppressing Palestinians and steeling their land.
Update: More from MahdiUnite:
Once again, what do we do when our general information is lacking? No one wants to take on the Yahudi propaganda in all of this area here. Now you have Jewish Zionists and you have Christian Zionists and all of them are loaded with a mis-reading of history and we are loaded with an ignorance of history and this is where we are today- incapable of living up to our responsibilities. This day of Al Quds, the last Friday in the month of Ramadhan, is a day to mobilise the Muslims from the depths of their minds and their hearts so that they will be able to sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice that is required for the liberation of the Holy Land from the Zionists and the Imperialists, from racists and capitalists, from all the greedy and all the self-centred classes of the world.  
Call me crazy; call me a hypersensitive "Islamophobe," but that sounds like a clarion call to wage jihad to me.

Memo to Ontario's fair-minded Sergeant-at-Arms: that's the true intent of Al Quds Day seethers, and that, my foolish friend, is what you're sanctioning.

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Kinneddar said...

It's all very disturbing. Scanning over the links you've provided reveals so much anger, aggression, lurking hatred, and outright warped versions of reality that it's hard to believe.

The hatred of Israel and the Jews shown there reveals a dangerous obsession, which if indulged to its endpoint, can only end in disaster. As you've noted, the call to jihad is clear in that otherwise rambling rant of the imam in Washington, DC.

On the linked Facebook page, if you scroll down, there is a cartoon (the second one down) of a Jew wearing a skullcap and a T-shirt showing the Star of David. I'd guess that this violates Facebook's policy of no hate speech. Any ideas as to how to report this?