Monday, August 6, 2012

Fool Him Twice, Shame on Him

Alan Dershowitz is still in there pitching for Barack Obama? Worst case of cognitive dissonance ever!


Carlos Perera said...

Yeah, I find discouraging the fact that people as obviously smart as Dershowitz can continue to be taken in by the likes of the Obama Administration discouraging. But, let's face it, high intelligence does not trump our need to belong to a tribe or peer group (e.g., the academic intelligentsia), nor does the repudiation of the God of the Abrahamic faiths subjugate the religious instinct . . . it seems merely to change the object of that instinct to secular ideologies every bit--if not more--dogmatic as the renounced faith.

Modern history is replete with intellectually gifted men who made Faustian bargains with the "Dark Side": Marx, Lenin, Goebbels, Speer, Von Braun, Heisenberg, . . . heck, even Einstein--not that he belongs in the same category as the foregoing gentlemen--never quite got over his infatuation with the Bolshevik experiment.

scaramouche said...

Clearly, he'd rather be wrong that be Republican.