Thursday, August 16, 2012

"It's a Privacy Thing"

Dennis Clark, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Ontario legislature, tells a York Region reporter that he can't reveal the names of those who applied to hold another Al Quds Day on the grounds of Queen's Park because that info is, like, super-duper seekrit. However, the same article reveals that
The “Al-Quds Rally Toronto” Facebook site, arranging bus transportation to Queen’s Park from seven locations in southern Ontario, includes two in York Region – the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat on Bathurst Street in Thornhill and Islamic Society of York Region in Gormley. 
E-mails to Al-Quds committee website were not returned and a phone call to York Region’s Islamic society netted no information about what is planned. 
After grilling the reporter about who owns York Region Media Group, the person who answered the phone at the Islamic society suggested speaking with organizers, but did not answer queries about who the organizers are. 
When asked to confirm bus transportation to Queen’s Park, the person hung up.
Touchy little Khomeinist, no? No surprise that the Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri Jamaat would be involved, though. That establishment, whose affiliate, the East End Madrassah was in the news earlier this year for importing textbooks full of Zionhass from the mothership, Iran, is Ground Zero of Khomeinist activity in the city.

As for the process involved in getting permission to bloviate about the Zionist cancer use Queen's Park grounds for a protest, Sarge just explained on The Oakley Show how it works. Apparently, applicants fill out, well, an application, and Sarge, who says he receives hundreds of such requests each year, goes over it with them. If their "intent" (there's that word again) is to act lawfully--and Sarge explains that he always takes them at their word when they say it is, even if past behaviour reveals that not to be the case--they will get his go-ahead. Requests to use the grounds are rarely refused. And even if they are, Sarge says people may decide to just show up sans approval, in which case nothing can be done until/unless these folks break the law. At that point, Toronto Police, who work hand-in-glove with Sarge and his security minions, will definitely step in, and perhaps even lay charges.

In other words, the raging Khomeinists don't really need Sarge's thumbs-up to assemble at Queen's Park, a venue that lends credibility and gravitas to their execrable cause. In which case, why bother going through the motions of getting his approval in the first place?

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