Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nanny Bloomberg's Good Vibrations

In Aldous Huxley's  novel Brave New World, folks in the dystopian society are rendered compliant via the hedonistic embrace of sex and drugs . The same might be said of Michael Bloomberg's city, where you can't buy a giant sized soft drink to save your life, but where the mayor has okayed the distribution of free vibrators:
Frustrated New Yorkers will get their buzz back after the mayor's office agreed not to pull the plug on a free giveaway of vibrators.
Condoms giant Trojan brought traffic to a halt late Wednesday with the sex toys publicity stunt that reportedly lured hundreds of people in lower Manhattan.
The action had barely started before Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office interrupted, citing activity "which impeded pedestrian and street traffic."
By Thursday morning, though, the city had a smile back on its face. Trojan will be allowed to resume its giveaway "later today with proper permits," Bloomberg's office said.
According to a statement from the company, some 10,000 Trojan vibrators are to be distributed from hot dog-style street carts, "the largest-ever vibrator giveaway of its kind."...
Ah, well, as long as they have the proper permits, I'll take mine with mustard, onions and hot peppers, please.

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Frances said...

Presumably also with batteries;-)