Sunday, August 5, 2012

New York Times Gets Hard Left Israeli to Pen Hang-Wringer Bemoaning the Death of Israeli Democracy

Whassup with asking Avraham Burg to write it, NYT? Was, say, Illan Pappe too busy? (You can read a great rebuke to Burg, penned earlier this year by Michael Oren, here.)

Update: Re the despicable Burg piece, Jonathan S. Tobin writes:
Burg despises what he calls the “religious, capitalist” state that Israel has become. Most Israelis would be happy if the ultra-Orthodox would have less power but what he is really longing for is the Israel of the past in which secular Jews of European origin dominated a country in which socialist economic policies served to keep the power of existing elites in place. He rejects Netanyahu’s free market reforms that have made Israel a burgeoning economic powerhouse because more economic freedom has created a messy but more genuine democracy in which “princes” like Burg are no longer in position to tell everybody else what to do.

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