Thursday, January 8, 2015

CTV News Solicits Input From "Mainstream" Muslim Reps

The victims of yesterday's attack in Paris were infidels who'd had the temerity to poke merciless fun at Islam's founder (as they were wont to do about practically everything). So why does NCCM's Amira Elghawaby make it sound as though it's Muslims who are the victims? And why, oh why, doesn't the CTV reporter challenge her claim?
These questions are rhetorical, of course. The reason for Amira's M.O. is, quite simply, that it is an effective way to deflect attention away from problematic aspects of Islam. The reason why she isn't challenged is because the reporter doesn't want to be accused of "racism"/"Islamophobia".

Another Muslim leader--the one who heads up what is probably my favorite Canadian Muslim outfit, the risibly-but-unironically-named Islamic Supreme Council of Canada--is also asked to opine on CTV. Imam Syed Soharwardy, the guy who scrawled out the complaint to the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission when Ezra Levant publish the Danish Motoons in the Western Standard, is under the impression that the 'toons constitute "hate speech," and condemns them on that basis.

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