Thursday, January 8, 2015

Little Dhimmis at Ceeb Toronto Headquarters Refuse to Blaspheme By Showing Those Motoons

What's the CBC's position on showing the Motoons? You may not be surprised to learn that, all in all, it's in keeping with the sharia law position on showing 'em. As Ceeb bigwig David Studer 'splains, "We aren't showing cartoons making fun of the Prophet's, quite simply, offensive to Muslims as a group."

And, Allah knows, we can't have that sort of thing up here in the true north strong and free. Far better for all concerned to shill for Islam being the religion of hugs 'n' fun via a sitcom set in a fictional Prairie town during the course of which one can satirize--and be offensive re--redneck, "bigoted" Christians.

The Ceeb later "clarified" its 'toon stance, saying
they will show images of Charlie Hebdo cartoons, including “those depicting Islam” but will not “knowingly show images of the prophet Muhammad.” CBC’s head of public affairs Chuck Thompson said in the email the editorial decision is “not a ban, and it isn’t censorship.”
That Chuck--he's quite the card, no? (Who sez there are no jokes--or jokers--at the Ceeb?)

Update: You know the world has gone totally loco when crazed jihadi Anjem Choudary sounds not unlike a Ceeb factotum:
"Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting the Prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today!" he tweeted.
"Muslims love the Messenger Muhammad (saw) more than their parents, children and even themselves! Why don't people understand?"
Spoken by a man who "gets it" re "the prophet Muhammad" and the importance of not giving offense. I hereby nominate Anjem Choudary to be the next head of Ceeb public affairs! Or, better yet, Anjem Choudary to replace Barbara Hall at the helm of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission!

Jihadi firebrand Anjem Choudary for OHRC chief!

Update: For Anjem and his ilk poking fun at Islam's founder is strictly verboten because of what it signifies--filth, defilement, pollution and a contagious impurity:
Publishing satirical images of the Prophet Muhammad is not only deemed an act of impurity but more significantly it symbolizes evil in the form of contagious pollution. Satirizing the sacred is not just an insult to Islam it is experienced as an existential threat to the entire belief system. Defiling the sacred is a violation of purity that unleashes spiritual pollution that disrupts the sacred order. Impurity signifies the ‘other’ and is experienced both physically and spiritually as a mysterious and harmful substance of the outside world which keeps attacking, contaminating, defiling and desacralizing the sacred world of true believers. True believers have to protect themselves and their communities against this threat of defilement and have to get rid of it once the contamination has taken place. Impurity is symbolically contagious.
Update: Courtesy USA Today, Anjem 'splains the truth about what must happen to impudent infidels who refuse to submit to Islam's strictures on blasphemy:
Although Muslims may not agree about the idea of freedom of expression, even non-Muslims who espouse it say it comes with responsibilities. In an increasingly unstable and insecure world, the potential consequences of insulting the Messenger Muhammad are known to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. 
Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them. The strict punishment if found guilty of this crime under sharia (Islamic law) is capital punishment implementable by an Islamic State. This is because the Messenger Muhammad said, "Whoever insults a Prophet kill him."
Well, if that's what he said, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do...

Some are condemning USA Today for providing this "fascist" with a forum. I, however, far prefer Anjem's blast of honesty re Islamic teachings to the obfuscations and whitewashing that we typically receive from more mainstream Muslim spokesfolk.

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