Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Muslims Condemn Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Claim It "Has Nothing to Do With Islam"

So "avenging" Islam's founder and traditional jihadi war cries of "Allahu Akbar!" have "nothing to do with Islam," eh?

Good to know. Next you'll try to get us to swallow that baloney about an imminent "backlash" that somehow never, ever materializes.

Update: The truth--"Intolerance for free expression is rooted in classical Islam."

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Joe Goodacre said...

Do you want Muslims to say that it is condoned by Islam? Will that prevent Muslim youths being radicalised? Your end game is hard to follow... If Muslims condemn the violence that is worth nothing. If they ask for cool heads and no backlash against innocent people, you jeer at the convenience and if they say those actions aren't part of their religion (ie attempting to reform the religion) you disagree with them!