Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Comedy Shouldn't Have to Be an Act of Courage"? Jon Stewart Meet Mark Steyn

Jon Stewart, who seems to have been napping throughout the Danish 'toons kerfuffle and the time "Draw Muhammad Day" 'toonist Molly Norris went into the Humorist Protection Program, made that outrageously dumb--and demonstrably wrong--statement yesterday vis-a-vis the Charlie Hebdo carnage. Compare Jon's wimpish, ennui-filled remarks with those of Mark Steyn. Commenting on the same event, Steyn, who has had his own innings with the "joke" police here in Canada, tells Megyn Kelly that, at a time of resurgent Islam, comedy must be an act of courage. He laments how, in failing to reprint the Motoons--the Danish ones and the Charlie Hebdo ones--all the great newspapers of the English-speaking world have made a laughingstock of our most precious freedom; indeed, the one freedom that our enemies, who for religious reasons cannot take a joke, most despise.

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