Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Question: If Bernie Farber Is Tapped To Be the Next Head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Will He Have to Give Up His Day Job of Trashing Canada's First Prime Minister?

Yesterday, the man said to be in the running to replace horrid old Babsy Hall as OHRC chief co-authored a screed in the NatPo in which he likened Sir John A. Macdonald to a quasi-Hitler. (In case you don't know the back story: Bernie and another of the screed's authors, Michael Dan, are looking to ingratiate themselves with Canadian Aboriginals, especially those who has resources on their reserves which are of interest to Dan's company. To that end, Dan 'n' Farber--sounds like an old Borscht Belt comedy team, no?--have been trying to persuade Canadians that what happened to Canada's First Nations peoples qualifies as an official holocaust just like, you know, the Holocaust.)  If Bernie does indeed get to be Ontario numero uno "human rights" commissar, such antics will likely cease as he will be too busy following in Babsy's gawdawful buttinsky tradition of inserting the "human rights" body into as many aspects of Ontarians' lives as possible.

Update: You know why Bernie would be perfect for the job? Because he thinks Charlie Hebdo should have been prosecuted under France's "hate speech" laws. The inability to "get" the whole free speech thing is pretty much a pre-requisite for the chief commissar gig.

Update: LRC asks, "Bernie, there are Nazis hunting Jews in Europe again! Why don't you care?"

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