Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zafar Bangash Weighs In On Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech and, Of Course, Da Jooooos

Bangash, who may be the Ayatollah Khomeini's biggest Canadian fan, is having a pity party for "marginalized Muslims" and you're all invited to come:
The murderous attack on the Islamophobic French magazine Charlie Hebdo is being used to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria and make fascism respectable. Pity the marginalized Muslims of France, indeed anywhere else in the Western world.
Yeah, because they--and not the dead 'toonists and Jews--are the real victims, right Zafar?

On the subject of free speech, Bangash claims that
Freedom of expression is invoked if the offenders are white and the perpetrators against them are Black or Muslim.  
In other words, he thinks freedom of speech is "racist" (an excellent tactic if you want to try to shut it down in Western democracies, no?).

As for his thoughts on da Joooooos:
In the Paris march was also Benjamin Netanyahu, the arch terrorist and war criminal who had only six months earlier presided over the slaughter of 2,140 Palestinians in Gaza, one third of them children.

Israeli planes, helicopters and artillery fired directly into schools, apartment buildings and hospitals. Children were blown to piece while playing on the beach!

Before the start of the Paris march, President of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) Roger Cukierman spoke of a "war situation" before being received with other representatives of the Jewish community on Sunday by Francois Hollande at the Elysee. He complained that on social media networks, there were people that were supporting the [alleged] terrorists. Without noticing the irony, he thundered: “We demand that all those who are supposed to be jihadists in this country are subject to preventive measures, maybe remand, or even forced to wear electronic bracelets.”

Coming from a representative of the Jewish community whose members were subjected to this kind identification marks in Germany before the Second World War is quite revealing.
The Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear electronic bracelets?

Was that before or after they went sent to the extermination camps?

You know what's really "revealing"--Zafar's Zionhass, that's what.

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