Monday, April 13, 2015

Marie Harf: Seems It Hasn't Been Her Day, Her Week, Her Month Or Even Her Year

Although I was out of the country, I did happen to catch my favorite Obama factotum, Marie Harf, on the tube weighing in on an op-ed piece by two eminences grise on the bigger picture re Iran. Ms. Harf, who can always be counted on for a larf, chastised the two for daring to employ "big words and big ideas" in making their case that Obama's Iran policy is, to use two more "big words," delusional and buffoonish.

Thought I to myself: The Harfster has a point. If the Obama regime is notable for anything, it is for little ideas and little words. That being so, the idees of Messers Shultz and Kissinger, being so, um, huge, have the potential to make Obamaish pea-brains explode.

The best part of the dust up, IMHO, was when John Bolton called Marie the State Department's "child spokesperson."

Too funny, John--and so apropos!

Here's how I think of Ms. Harf, devotee of the teensy: she's the Phoebe Buffay of Foggy Bottom.

Sing out, Marie: "Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding

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