Monday, April 13, 2015

R.I.P. Mark Harding, Victim of Canada's Anti-Free Speech Javerts

I returned from a stress-free week on the Mayan Riviera to learn of the sudden passing of Mark Harding. Harding was a humble, gentle soul, a small town Ontario Christian pastor, who tried to warn people in his community about the jihad. Unfortunately, he did so pre-9/11, when such warnings were considered to be "hate speech." For his "crime" of telling the truth about the supremacist Islam that has become all-too familiar in these days of ISIS and the rest of the litany of wretched jihadi outfits which are wreaking so much havoc worldwide, Harding was persecuted and prosecuted by Canadian authorities, sent to prison and, as a condition of his release, forced to do "penance" by performing his "community service" under the auspices of an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood.

When, some years after this horrifying treatment, I had the privilege of meeting Harding, I told his that what happened to him was a travesty of justice, and that Canada not only owed him a debt a gratitude but an apology and compensation as well. But because his name wasn't, say, Maher Arar--or even Omar Khadr--and even though his innings with Canada's "hate speech" Javerts took a heavy toll on his health, Harding neither demanded nor received anything for his ordeal.

Rest in peace, Pastor Harding. You will be missed.

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