Friday, October 9, 2015

Sheema Khan's "Discrimination" Sob Story

Poor Sheema Khan. She's been in Canada for 50 years, but now that Stephen Harper wants Muslim chicks to remove their sharia facial shmattas when reciting the Oath of Citizenship, she is feeling--quelle horreur--like "the other":
“Too broken to write,” I told my editor, after the onslaught of Conservative announcements. The niqab was condemned. Citizenship was revoked for convicted terrorists with dual citizenship. Canadians were reminded of “barbaric cultural practices,” and the federal government’s preference for mainly non-Muslim Syrian refugees was reiterated. Make no mistake: This divisive strategy is meant to prey upon fear and prejudice...
Make no mistake: this "divisive strategy" is an after-the-fact acknowledgement of "jihad is the way; sharia is the goal," and how it threatens the West.

In claiming that she now feels like "a second-class citizen" (even though she is no such thing), Khan fails to point out that, under the terms of Islamic law, that's exactly what dhimmis are--second class and subject to onerous strictures designed to make 'em cry uncle and become Muslim.

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