Friday, October 9, 2015

The Canadian Arab Federation Endorses Mulcair's NDP in Upcoming Election

The Zion-despising CAF is really big on Canadian Arabs/Muslims flexing their electoral muscle in the upcoming election, with the following provisoes (my bolds):
=> Canadian Arabs and Muslims have a great responsibility to VOTE in this election. So much is at stake not only for minorities but for the whole of Canada.
=> The NDP appears to be the party that will best serve Canada and the Canadian people and reverse the negative effects the Harper Conservatives have had over their nine years in power. They responded positively to all the points we raised and have been advocating on the same positions throughout their time as official opposition.
=> The Green Party has advocated many important causes and abides by high moral standards. It is a strong defender of human rights and minority rights and its influence on the political arena is important although it is not poised to form the government or be a major partner in a ruling coalition.
=> The Bloc is a regional marginal party that has espoused xenophobic and anti-Muslim positions in the past. Their chance to form the government or be a part of a ruling coalition is practically non-existent.
=> The Liberal Party did not respond to our letter, to date. They have taken positive positions supporting religious freedoms and Canadian citizens abroad yet they supported Bill C-51. Their positions are close to the Conservatives in many cases especially in foreign policies.
=> The Conservative Party has not responded to our letter nor acknowledged it. Their policies over the years they spent in power had devastating effects on freedoms, liberties and tolerance in Canada. Their foreign policies negatively affected Canada’s position as a respected peace and human rights defending country.
Poor Justin Trudeau--all that concerted pandering and, a la his mama's rebuff in his childhood, he gets no lovin' from these Muslims.

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