Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Impoverished" Gazans Eagerly Await Imminent Arrival of Zion-Despising Chick Flotilla

I say we let it dock--so that all the sanctimonious "blockade-breakers" can go shopping at the "impoverished" Gaza Mall.

Update: A Canadian flotilla chick writes:
As we sail, we are enjoying the time to learn about each other - to understand why we have come together, and what this mission means to each of us. Although we come from very diverse backgrounds and experiences, the great equalizer is our desire for justice, peace and freedom for Gaza.
I beg to differ. The "great equalizer" is their useful idiocy/willful ignorance of the Hamas definition of "peace and freedom," i.e. Israel extinct and draconian sharia law in charge of everyone everywhere, forever.

Update: In a pre-departure article about the Canadian flotilla chick, a local gal, the London (Ontario) Free Press calls Hamas "an Islamic fundamentalist party" (which is sort of like calling the Nazis a German nationalist party, and which tells you practically everything you need to know about the LFP mindset).

Update: Poor chicks! Looks like the IDF is about to foil their plans.

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