Wednesday, November 2, 2016

David Solway on the "Human Rights" Mob

Why do they call 'em "human rights" commissions? Because if they called 'em what they were--Leftist/Marxist orthodoxy enforcement commissions--freeborn people might not be willing to accept, and even embrace, their presence. David Solway, no fool he, exposes the real agenda of the "human rights" racketeers:
There is yet another weapon in the ideological arsenal of the left which has been extremely effective in forcing compliance with and muzzling opposition to its homogenizing diktats. Official and quasi-official bodies that purport to defend “human rights” and that enjoy legal recourse to implement their decisions are perhaps the most potent agencies enforcing conformity to the prevalent ideology. This is because they have the power to levy onerous fines and judgments sufficient to damage and even lay waste the lives and careers of those who run afoul of their manifold proscriptions. They are the ringwraiths of the dark kingdom. Their websites, however, are golden; after all, protecting “human rights” sound like a noble endeavor. But there is a clandestine flavor to them too. Few know the trivial nature of many of the complaints and the drastic penalties levied for even inadvertent misdemeanors or honest mistakes. Passive or unsuspecting individuals will feel the wrath of these ersatz magistracies. At the same time, those who are cognizant of their sway and peremptory intent make sure to keep their heads down and act as they are expected to, cowering beneath the shadow of punitive reprisal. Compliance with the progressivist orthodoxy is thus assured.
And speaking of "human rights" racketeers, that monument to victimhood that opened a year ago and that was supposed to draw hordes of visitor to wintry Winnipeg is in the hole for $7 million and is asking the government to throw more good moolah after bad. (When you think about it, "human rights" is a lot like "climate change." Which is to say that whenever you hear it, you should know that you, the taxpayer, are going to have to fork over a whole lot of cash so that others can feel virtuous.)

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