Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Official/Professional Muslims Pen an Open Letter to Ontario's Minister of Education Re a School Principal, an Arab, Who Refused to Get With the Islamist Program

The Official/Professional Muslims are extremely miffed at a school principal who voiced opinions (on social media) they dislike. Naturally, they have accused her of being a virulent "Islamophobe," and want her to be officially excoriated--pronto.

So what did she post that got them so overheated? Tarek Fatah took a look at it back in September, when this story first broke:
Let us see what school principal in question, Ghada Sadaka, reportedly posted on her Facebook page that triggered this controversy. 
According to Toronto Star reporter Noor Javed, the school principal shared and commented on: 
  • Videos purportedly showing violent “Muslim takeovers” of Paris and London;
  • Articles expressing concerns around bringing refugees to Canada, given their “terrorist sympathies”; and another headlined:
  • Video of a Dutch Muslim mayor telling fellow Muslims, they can “f------” if they don’t like freedom.
Nowhere does the report say Sadaka denounced all Muslims or peaceful followers of Islam, yet a single, unnamed individual told Star reporter Noor Javed, she felt the Facebook posts were “blatantly spreading hate” and so complained to the school board. 
This individual claimed, “It is obvious” the person putting up the posts “has a dislike towards Muslims.” 
I’m a Muslim and it is not obvious to me, nor does everyone share this anonymous complainant’s views.
To be clear then, Ms. Sadaka isn't a raving bigot who discriminates against and spews hatred at Muslims. She is someone who opposes the radical/extremist/jihadist form of Islam, and isn't afraid to say so.

As good citizens of Ontario, shouldn't those who penned the open letter oppose it too?

Update: Looks like the open letter did the trick.

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