Monday, February 15, 2010

Come Again?

I thought the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies left the (false) impression that Canada was populated in the main by Natives garbed in fringes and feathers and Celtic fiddlers wearing kilts, but lefty scribbler Heather Malick saw something far more ominous:

The event gave the impression that Canadians spent their time posing on pointy mountains, paddling navy blue lakes and staring at evergreens (anti-deciduous to an extent that verged on the racist, I say), surrounded by snow snow snow, more snow than air. And we honour the wisdom of our aboriginal peoples, whose land we, well, stole but they have forgiven us and dance at our Olympic ceremonies.
In reality, most of us are frighteningly inert, the water on the reserves where our poverty-stricken native Canadians live is undrinkable, British Columbia trees are being killed en masse by the mountain pine beetle unleashed by climate change, and the snow is brown and crusty on the curbs of the cities near the US border where most of us live.
Yikes, what an eco-morass! I'd take a walk over the brown and crusty snow (if I could find any) to the nearest booze store so I could drown my humiliation, only it's a holiday here and the government-owned liquor stores are closed. Barring that, I guess I could go outside and stare at some evergreens, but I wouldn't want to be accused of racism (what the heck is that all about?).

Update: Has Heather accidentally hit on a new area of complaint for Canada's "human rights" commissions--"bigotree"?

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Viking said...


She's been smoking something tree-like.

If she is responsible for 'stealing' someone else's land perhaps she could do the right thing and remove herself from it. Go somewhere 'sandier' maybe. Just a thought.