Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Backlash" is the Best Defence

Once again the phenomenon of "backlash" has reared its ugly head. Oh, not the one which sees infidels, in the wake of another successful or failed jihadi terror attack, getting really angry and taking it out on Muslims: that never seems to happen. No, the phenomenon I'm referring to is the one which sees Muslims in the wake of an attack warning of the looming backlash (that never comes). Here, for example, is how a Bridgeport, Connecticut news station reports on the latter phenom (Bridgeport being the home base, until recently, of Faisal Shahzad). The report includes the customary statements from good Muslims, who wouldn't harm a fly, much less infidels perambulating in one of the country's most famous outdoor spaces at one of its busiest times, as well as from Muslim clerics who unequivocally condemn the terrorism because it's so utterly foreign to the Koran's message of peace.


sanwin said...

Well we even had that idiot mayor Bloomberg warning against any retaliation against Pakistanis or muslims.

What a bunch of dhimmies.

Jim R said...

Bloomberg lost a 25 cent bet the latest terrorist would be found to be an old white man unhappy with Obamacare.

How did this clown make billions gambling in the markets again? By betting really low on really low odds.