Sunday, May 2, 2010

Give Our Regards To Broadway (and Michigan Avenue and Picadilly and the Rue de La Paix)

The "Pakistani Taliban" have claimed responsibility for the "amateurish" car bomb that failed to detonate last night and butcher untold numbers of infidels in Times Square. The group is said to be "avenging" something that happened back on home turf, but as Mark Steyn explains (for anyone who cares to listen)
The important thing to remember about Iraq and Afghanistan is that, from the jihad's point of view, they're sideshows: The real battlefield is New York and Chicago and London and Paris.
Need it also be pointed out that, post-9/11, the jihadis didn't dare bring anything on this scale to the U.S.? Now that President Outreach, President Pushover, is in charge, however, the jihadis apparently feel confident enough to bring the jihad back to American soil.


It's a long way to fight the jihad.
It's a long way, Barack.
It's a long way to the fight the jihad.
Count on you to muck it up.
Goodbye to Picadilly.
Farewell to Times Square.
It's a long, long way to fight the jihad.
What bollocks! It's here.

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Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Don't worry. The MSMs and the Dems will bury this story under their outrage over Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants. And the Republicans will let them.