Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Profile in Courage

Salim Mansur, who is persona non grata in his own community for daring to speak the unvarnished truth (a big no-no in at least three quarters of those quarters) says "profiling" (which before political correctness came into effect used to be known as taking a common sense approach to policing) is the only way to go:
There is ample evidence, if proof is still needed, that homegrown terrorists in the post-9/11 world are predominantly Muslim males primed by Islamist ideology.
Since Muslims have failed to effectively counter Islamism, it is long overdue for governments in the West to implement more robust measures of information gathering about that segment of the Muslim immigrant population most susceptible to Islamist ideology.
In other words, time to quibble over “profiling” is long past. This is not a matter of becoming “illiberal,” for liberalism, which I hold dearly — as I do my faith tradition as a Sunni Muslim — is not a suicide pact.
Our common security requires a clear understanding of where our threat emanates from, to focus on that threat with necessary resources, and to remove blinders of political correctness that only weakens our efforts in defeating Islamism.
Fatwa coming against Mansur in five, four, three...

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