Friday, September 17, 2010

A Yom Kippur Prayer For Jewish Bien Pensants

As Yom Kippur fast approaches (it begins sundown tonight) I join Phyllis Chesler in praying for all my idiot (useful idiot) brethren who have linked arms with our enemies to bring down the Jewish state/non-Utopia that so offends their exquisitely "progressive" sensibilities:
Yom Kippur is coming. I know it sounds arrogant, righteous, desperate, even foolish, but I am going to ask God to forgive these Jews because I do not want others, including myself, to suffer for their sins. Please understand: We are commanded to do so since all Jews will be held accountable for each other’s actions. And for Jews to make common cause with such high profile anti-Zionists and Jew haters is shameful. Perhaps these Jews do not see it this way at all.
So really, why do Jews do this? Why are so many educated and politically active Jews, including Israeli Jews, often the ones who fight against Jewish interests, even against Jewish survival? What mad gene drives them to do it? Is it the case, as playwright David Mamet has suggested in The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, and the Jews, that such secular-driven messianism is really religious Judaism misunderstood? Is this an example of self-hatred—or self-love? In my view, such Jews find it opportune, fashionable, rewarding, both economically and psychologically, to be the first to blame other Jews or the Jewish state, the first to argue the “enemies’” case.

They are respected for doing so. They feel safe. They are signaling that they are part of the “larger” world, not part of the smaller, provincial community—the one that holds itself apart—the people that is perennially under siege, far from perfect, and whose pariah status threatens their feelings of well being.

Tragically, all these boycotter and flotilla Jews wish to be seen as “anti-racists”; however, they rarely protest extreme human rights abuses in the Middle East when the evildoers are Muslims. In my opinion, by holding Arab and Muslim countries to much lower standards, and by condemning their mainly Muslim inhabitants to continued Islamist barbarism, the do-gooders, including the Jews, fail every ethical test of non-racism. They applaud every conceivable nationalism save one: the Jewish version. Zionism does not equal racism. As Judea Pearl once wrote, “anti-Zionism=racism.” Thus, their excessive anti-Zionism is really a form of anti-Semitism which does equal racism.

Please forgive them. They know not what they do. Please enlighten them before they doom us all.
Now, that's the sort of "hope and change" I can really get behind.


scream said...

G-d may forgive these people, I certainly will not. And I will not ASK Him to forgive them. The one thing I will ask for forgiveness for are my true feelings of wanting to bash their heads in. I'm pretty sure that's an impure desire, or is it?

Anonymous said...

I am Jewish and live in Austin, TX. The Dell Jewish center here has three congregations. They, even the conservative, are soo liberal that they go out of their way to support progressive agenda's. They ORCHESTRATED a Pro Gay march at the capital here. That was the last straw. There were many other issues with that congregation, but that was just the last straw. I left. I practice at home. I'm not great at it, but my daughter gets the picture. I am alone in this BECAUSE the liberals who infiltrated the temple are not respectable people in my opinion. I would rather my daughter NOT know that TYPE of Jew. Unfortunately, those are the prevailing ones here.
Happy YOM KIPPUR. I hope that the new year is good.

scaramouche said...

scream--I draw comfort from the knowledge that, come the next Holocaust, Roseanne Barr, Mandy Patinkin and the rest are going to be riding in the cattle car (or whatever the equivalent turns out to be) same as me.

txlady706--That's an awful story. At least here in ultra-"progressive" Toronto I have brothers and sisters (Jewish and non) who see things the way I do, and who are there to offer support and trade quips (laughter being crucial to survival, I think).