Saturday, April 2, 2011

All The Time In the World

It's day two of the freak out in Afghanistan over last month's torching of a Koran in the U.S., begging the question: Ten years on, what the heck are we still doing in that primitive backwater?

You want to field that one, Diana?

They need sharee, sharee
To live and breathe.
They need to find, find
Some time to rage 'n' seethe.
Obama said,
"You can't hurry war,
Oh, you just have to stay.
I said war don't come easy.
It's too soon to go away."
How long must we stay?
How much more can we take
Before it sinks in that
We ain't makin' much headway?
No, we can't bear to "lose" their minds and hearts
And so we're patient when the freak out starts.
But when we feel that we can't fight no more
His stirring words start up encore
I remember 'Bama said:
"You can't hurry war.
No, you just have to stay."
He said war don't come easy.
Something that don't take a day.
You can't hurry war,
No, we just have to stay.
He said trust, give it time
No matter how long it takes.
Gotta wait!...

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