Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brit Comic Launches PSA to Fight Footy Jew-Hate

Yikes, the Judenhass in the U.K. is even worse than we thought. From the Telegraph:
David Baddiel, the comedian, has launched a campaign to stamp out use of the word “yid” in football chants which mock Jewish and Tottenham supporters.
High-profile backers have also condemned fans for hissing at Jewish spectators, to imitate the sound of gas chambers used in the Holocaust.

But many Tottenham supporters have said they use the term "yid army" themselves as a "badge of honour" and are not offended by it.

The words “yid” or “yiddo”, meaning Jew, have been used for decades to identify Tottenham supporters, because of the proportion of Jewish supporters at the club.

The campaign, supported by England midfielder Frank Lampard and Tottenham defender Ledley King, warns that while racism has become unacceptable in the stands, anti-Semitism remains dangerously commonplace...
Hissing like a gas chamber--such charmers! And so witty, too. I suppose the "yiddos" should be thankful they haven't yet been forced to wear yellow stars so the hissers'll know at whom to aim their hisses.

Update: But wait, it gets even worse.

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