Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicks With a Cause

While decadent kafir chicks swan around in skank-wear for a "slut-walk," Al Shabaab is busy recruiting non-sluts to come help wage jihad. From the Toronto Star:
One of the two Somali-Canadian women believed to have been lured from Toronto by Al Shabaab is the niece of the prime minister of Somalia, sources say, and efforts are being made at the highest level in that country to get her out of the "clutches" of the outlawed terrorist group.

"I can't talk about a specific case," Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the Somali prime minister, told the Star from Mogadishu on Sunday.

"There are lots of children who are here from either Canada or the United States ... Shabaab is recruiting kids from everywhere," he said. "Some are as young as 13."

The two young Somali-Canadian women disappeared from Toronto in early January and travelled to Somalia, where they are believed to have joined Shabaab.

One of them, a 19-year-old student at the University of Toronto, is the niece of Zeinab Moallim, Mohamed's wife, sources told the Star.

The young woman, who left with her best friend, has since emailed her family that she is in Somalia.

Mohamed, an American citizen with family in Buffalo, N.Y., has been the prime minister of the war-torn country since last October. He and his wife have family in Toronto.

While this is the first known case of women being recruited by the Shabaab in North America, it's not clear if the terror group specifically targeted Mohamed's niece for her family connections...
Maybe they can get some Jews to "mentor" the sluts.

Update: More info on the PM's "missing" niece, from the G&M:
The Toronto woman’s motives for travelling to Mogadishu remain unclear, even to her family.
The relative said that, until a couple of years ago, the young woman was an apolitical person who wore jeans. Then, she began to wear Islamic dress and started espousing political beliefs about foreign powers occupying her anarchic homeland.

Al-Shabab fighters recruit young Muslims from the West by branding themselves as religious fighters who will restore Somali by imposing Islamic law. This rosy viewpoint overlooks the suicide bombings, assassinations and maimings that al-Shabab perpetrates against its enemies.

Toronto is a fertile recruiting ground for the militants, given the largest city in Canada is home to one of the world’s biggest Diaspora communities of Somalians.
How big is it? According to this scholarly paper
As in Britain, official statistics on the number of Somalis in Toronto contrasted dramatically with community organization estimates. Canadian 2001 census data showed there to be 33,725 Somalis in Canada and 17,380 in the Toronto Central Metropolitan Area (Statistics Canada,

In contrast, estimates by Somali community organizations put the number of Somalis in Toronto alone at 90,000–100,000. Although the number of Somalis in Toronto is unclear, Somalis are recognized as a significant community and are estimated to be the largest African community in Toronto.
Wow. That's pretty freaking big.

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