Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dizzy Des Tutu and the Israeli Apartheid Canard

Alan Dershowitz tackles one of the great hypocrisies--and one of the greatest hypocrites--of our time:
...Tutu’s South Africa, remains a far more segregated country today than Israel. Poor blacks live in segregated temporary settlements, and de facto apartheid can be seen throughout South Africa.
Moreover, the South African government, the African National Congress and Bishop Tutu himself have far worse human rights records than does Israel. They have supported some of the most despotic regimes in the world, simply because the despots who head these regimes in Libya, Iran, Cuba, China, Zimbabwe, and the Palestinian governments in the West Bank and Gaza–sided with their legitimate struggle against apartheid in years past.

Yet in a hypercritical display of double-standard immorality, they will never forgive Israel for its support of Dr. Klerk’s South Africa, despite the reality that most Arab and Muslim nations traded extensively with the apartheid regime. They demand a moral pass for serving as enablers of repression on the ground that these tyrants supported them, but they refuse to give Israel a pass for having supported a tyrannical regime that helped them during trying times.

Bishop Tutu’s call for a boycott against the Jewish state is hypocrisy at its worst...
People are always talking about "the soft bigotry of low expectations," supposedly, the rationale for expecting less of certain peoples than they are (supposedly) capable of because of who they are. Israel faces something far worse; something that holds it to an impossibly high standard required of no one else; something that is tantamount to Jew-hate: the hard bigotry of high expectations. And in that regard, the saintly Tutu, ironically, is the hardest bigot of them all.

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