Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't Vote Early, Don't Vote Often

The Glib and Mewl is polling Canadians re their thinking on mass atrocity equity in the "human rights" mausoleum (scroll down). (BTW, in the genocide sweepstakes, the Holocaust is "losing" by a wide margain.)

Meanwhile, it looks like the government is getting set to cave in and demote the Holocaust from permanent exhibit status to the ranks of merely one of several equally atrocious "mass atrocities":

In a statement issued online in January to clear up various “misconceptions,” the museum said the Holodomor “will be displayed permanently in the ‘mass atrocity’ zone immediately adjacent to the Holocaust zone. This zone will feature detailed information on the Holodomor and many other atrocities that have taken place worldwide ... ”

However, after [Canadian Heritage Minister James] Moore met earlier this month with the CMHR board, he told Winnipeg Free Press columnist Dan Lett that “there will be no permanent exhibits. That was clear from [CMHR CEO] Stuart Murray [appointed by the Harper Conservatives in 2009] and the board.” Lett published the comment April 11 and later that day, Moore’s acting communications director James Maunder told The Globe and Mail: “No final decisions have been made on any permanent exhibits, or if there will be any.”

In the UCC statement, [Ukrainian Canadian] Congress national president Paul Grod says Moore is “vacillating” on what he calls the earlier “vague assurances” that the Holodomor, as well as the internment of Ukrainian Canadians during the First World War under the first War Measures Act, would be “included in some permanent fashion” in the museum. Canadians “deserve to know the truth about this before election day,” Grod says.

In an interview Monday, the museum’s communications director, Angela Cassie, suggested that many of the tensions may be a matter of semantics. “Maybe ‘permanent’ wasn’t the right word to use,” she said. “What we’ve articulated to the minister is that just because the working titles of two particular zones are associated with a community or event in some way, this does not make them more permanent in nature than any other stories in the museum.”...
Just when you think mausoleum madness can't get any madder ("semantics" my dimpled Jewish arse!) it goes ahead and does.

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