Monday, April 11, 2011

France's Incoherence

Why, in the Ivory Coast, have "French soldiers" handed over the president to his Muslim enemies ("the rebels," in lamestream parlance), while at the same time in France they're battling Islamic law via a ban on the facial shmatta? Isn't that the height of inconsistency?

Update: Isn't it "nice" of the French to support "rebels" whose cohorts are responsible for the massacre of 1,000 Christians? Shouldn't the UNHRC send Judge Goldstone to the scene to, you know, investigate?

Update: Just in time for France's facial shmatta ban, the Ceeb has this handy-dandy guide to veil varieties.


Paul said...

Wading through CBC content, is like walking on a Paris street.

Be ready to scrap the bottom of your shoes from the foul deposits left by dogs using the public sidewalks to do their business.

scaramouche said...

Tax-payer funded dog poopy, no less.