Sunday, April 10, 2011

Have a Yabba Dabba Doo Time, a Dabba Doo Time, You'll Have a Gay Old Time

First homosexual caveman found.

Update: In other gay caveman news--gay rag Xtra leaked a confidential e-mail from Toronto Sun columnist Sue Ann Levy to Official Jewry. In the e-mail, Levy tells them that unless they they get their act together, Toronto city council will vote to fund the city's Pride parade, Zion-loathing cave-dwellers Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and all. Two things to note here: Because of the e-mail, Levy has been cashiered from her Pride parade beat. Also, Official Jewry can expend tons of effort and get the emails and phone calls going like gangbusters, and it won't make a whit of difference because the province has already ponied up the cash to fund the sucker.

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Carlos Perera said...

I think this one has to be filed in the same folder of historically dubious conclusions--filtered through the intellectual fads current at the particular time and place occupied by the writer--as Jesus _really_ being a(n) Greek philosopher/champion salesman/Aryan exemplar/socialist/closeted homosexual (take your pick, all have been advanced during the last 100 years).

Lately, the finding indices of homosexuality in just about any historical figure of interest has reached truly ludicrous proportions. From Joan of Arc to Abraham Lincoln, you can be sure that some historian, psychologist, psychiatrist, or "queer theorist" has found some "evidence" of homosexuality. (In Lincoln's case, the evidence cited has been that he shared beds with men in rooming houses, inns, and the like, and that he wrote affectionate letters to male friends. Now, I can attest from personal experience that sharing beds with unrelated members of the same sex was quite common at least through the end of the 1960s--I had to do it myself as an adolescent on several occasions, during trips to the state science fair and such, and, in less hypersexualized times, nobody with his mind above the gutter immediately associated a display of affectionate amity with sexual attraction. I feel downright antediluvian, being able to remember such times.)