Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Not the Docs, Bernie

As I've said, I decline to participate in the game of mass atrocity one-upsmanship that's been set in motion by the "human rights" mausoleum. However, since I am Jewish and since I have done my homework, I know that there is "something special" that sets the Holocaust apart from other such historical horrors--and it's not, as Bernie Farber told John Oakley on AM 640, the fact that the Holocaust is the most "well documented" of all genocides (Bernie's lame excuse for the Holocaust getting the lion's share of--shudder--"mass atrocity" space in the mausoleum). What makes the Holocaust unlike other genocides is this: the guys in charge did it not for the loot, not for the booty (although they did enjoy seizing the Jews' stuff). They did it because they thought they were "saving" the world by ridding it of Jewry, the equivalent of a human cancer/vermin that, if not eradicated, would "kill" the planet. Historian Saul Friedlander's term for this, well, dementia is "redemptive anti-Semitism."

It is that pathological mindset--one that can still be found in parts of the world, including, most disturbingly, in Iran--that sets the Holocaust apart. What that has to do with the cesspool that is modern "human rights," though, is anybody's guess.

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