Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No CASMO Clock For Moi, I Guess

Found another "hilarious" item on the CASMO site, one that reveals its true colours for those who care to look. It's CASMO lamenting the passing of Ayatollah Fadlallah, the "spiritual leader" of--wait for it--Hezbollah:
...Islam has been dealt a blow, because of such loss of a dear one, whose recovery is difficult at a time when people of Lebanon need such a spiritual guide. This great man has died, leaving in the hearts of those who love him a grief that has incorporated all the tragedies of history. His life was spent in the struggle for the cause of Allah, as well as in jurisprudence, renewal, opening up on and committing to the cause of the nation and confronting all the powers of arrogance and tyranny

He was, with his illuminating mind and radiant soul, a reference, a guide and an advisor to all the aware Islamic movements in the Arab and Islamic worlds that were inspired by his thought and methodology. He opened up on all people and he embodied dialogue in his movement, thought and entire life away from any slogans that lack any realistic content...
Yeah, dude was one of a kind.

Update: Everyone sing the CASMO clock song!

The new CASMO clock was the shape of a square
And looked very appealing in pics.
They gave one to Jack and they gave one to Babs
And to some puffed up cop from the sticks.

Didn't get one? Don't sulk.
Seems they purchased them in bulk
And it looks like they got a great deal.
So be "good," you could
Get your very own clock
At the next Iftaar meal.

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