Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No-Fly Guys

Wesley Pruden explains why it's a really bad idea to take your marching orders from the Arab League--because it sets a dangerous precedent:
The Arab League, on whom the United States and the "great powers" of Europe depend for the moral authority to impose the no-fly zone over Libya, now wants the United Nations to impose a similar no-fly zone over Gaza, whence the Palestinians fire their rockets at Israeli schoolchildren. The Israelis, naturally, fire back with air strikes. This inconveniences the Palestinian rocket batteries no end, of course, and the Arab League is eager for someone, since the Arabs have never been able to do it, to make the Israelis submit to their own destruction.
Amr Mussa, the chief of the Arab League, told an "emergency meeting" of several Arab ambassadors that "the Arab bloc in the United Nations has been directed to ask for the convention of the Security Council to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza and impose a no-fly zone." It's no sure thing that the Arabs can persuade the mischief-makers at the U.N. to convene a meeting of the Security Council, and if they do, to get enough votes to authorize the no-fly zone. The United States could always veto it, and this, in any other imaginable administration in Washington, would be a no-brainer. But this is a barely imaginable American administration.
The gambit by the Arab League may be only that, an opening move to exploit the Gadaffi precedent to make serious trouble for both the United States and Israel. There's always an opportunity at the U.N. to make trouble for the West, particularly since some of the nations of the West are eager to connive with the toy countries who make up most of the membership of that august body of free-loaders, moochers and easy riders. Russia, China and France can always be counted on to aid and abet mischief, and even the British often join the roster of unreliables when the Jews are the targets of international ire.
Newsflash, O-blivious: the Arabs are not your friend.

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Orfan said...

We know arabs are friends to nobody--no even their own. What boggles my mind is why western countries are pouring billions down the black hole of the UN and now the EU? People say we Jews marched willingly to the gas chambers, but it seems to me that now the western world is not only holding out their necks, they are also giving the arabs a sharp knife to slit them with. Go figure...