Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ongoing Problem of Hot Somalis

Stewart Bell reports that at least 20 Somali-Canadian young'uns have heard the siren call of jihad and hightailed it back to godforsaken Somali to volunteer for a hitch with the Al-Shishkababs. Bell says that that number is pretty much in line with the jihadi outfit's recruiting success in "the United States and Europe, which also have sizable populations of ethnic Somalis."

In view of the surging numbers of Somalis on our shores (200,000 reportedly living in Toronto in 2003; who knows how many more there are today) and the suicidal social doctrine of multiculi that ensures they huddle together (and stew in their own jihadi juices) in their own ethnic enclave, I sure hope Jason Kenney has another arrow in his quiver aside from the cockamamie Jewish-Somali mentorship scheme in which he's placed so much stock. (Kenney called it "the single most important project for my Ministry"; if that's so, God help us all).

Update: BCF has a bone to pick with Bell.

Update: Tres lame, says Jay Currie.

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